About Us

My name is Harley Richardson, and I'm the owner & builder. DeeR Wood Works is a family business consisting of me and my son, as well as my younger daughter and my wife. If you call or come by, you'll get personal service from the person who makes the furniture!


I got started building log beds when my oldest daughter saw one, fell in love with it and challenged me to build one for her. I was fascinated with the whole process, so I gathered some logs and got started. My first bed was her Christmas present in 2000.


I had been dabbling in woodworking for several years and could not resist my daughter's suggestion that I build her a bed. I really enjoyed the experience and began making them for other people. My business just began to grow from there. I love working with wood and watching a piece come to life.


I recently retired from being a Snap-on tool dealer and now can devote full time to the woodworking business. 


My son and I make what you see on these pages from start to finish. The pictures in the Photo Gallery are examples of pieces we have built. 


My family and I handpick the logs and I handskin them with an old-fashioned draw knife. Many times we are the only humans to touch the wood before it becomes a piece of furniture. I'm always excited with the mystery of what lies under the bark on a particular log. 


My love for the Rocky Mountains has been growing for over 40 years - ever since my wife, Dee, introduced me to them right after we got married. She has been camping in the Rockies every summer since she was a child, and our children have spent some time there every summer of their lives. 


We have recently branched out to include reclaimed wood furniture and home decor in our creations. The wood is salvaged from old buildings by myself and my family. We take great care to ensure that we keep as much of the historical characteristics intact as possible. 


Our workshop is in downtown Snyder, Oklahoma, on Highway 183. Dee and I were both born here and have lived here most of our lives. Snyder is in the southwest corner of the state - a stone's throw from Texas to the south or west of us. 


If you like what you see here and are interested in my one-of-a-kind furniture, feel free to give me a call, e-mail me, or stop by. I'll be happy to visit with you and answer any questions you might have. 


We have some pieces on hand in our shop and you're welcome to stop by and visit: 530 E Street, Snyder, Oklahoma (in the Kiowa County Democrat Building). Sometimes we have to be out and about or working in the back. If it doesn't look like there is anyone around, call 580-301-0117 and one of us should be available to come meet you.